Candidate Reference Check: Rehiring Inquiry

As we’ve discussed in our previous posts, asking the right questions to a candidate reference can make or break their appeal. From work performance to uncovering strengths and weaknesses, references can provide useful information that you need to place them properly.  As we explore how to approach asking if the reference would rehire the candidate in question, ensure your operation is protected with a Staffing Liability Insurance program.

As you might have gathered from our previous posts, you can gain a lot of insight by asking the right questions. While many recruiters still toe the line between asking too much and not asking enough, it’s perfectly legal to inquire whether or not the former employer would rehire the applicant.

Why should I ask this?

So, what does this say about him or her? First, it shows their standing with the employer, which speaks to their skill set, attitude, and professionalism. If the employee left in good standing, and provided ample notification of their departure, the employer shouldn’t have many negative things to say.

When should I ask this question?

Whether a reference would rehire a candidate can sum up an entire conversation prior to that point, which is why it’s often asked near the end. If there’s only time to ask a single question, this should be the one. Don’t forget to drill down to find out an explanation why, states Entrepreneur.

This is also a good time to ask why the candidate left their position. If they have a spotty resume, or have held more than 3 jobs in the last 3 years, the employer’s answer can verify whether the employee is flighty or simply faced personal challenges.

Final thoughts.

Finish up the reference check by asking if there is anything else you should know about the candidate? Punctuality, attitude, and more can be divulged here. All of this information is only beneficial to you in order to place the candidate with your clients and ensure a good fit.


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