How Staffing Firms Can Navigate a Slow Hiring Process

Often enough, staffing firms are at the mercy of their client’s own hiring process. A lengthy, sometimes frustrating, amount of time can be focused on minute details. However, in an ever-changing job market, and a candidate-driven one, these slow hiring processes can cause the employer to lose out on a qualified candidate to a competitor, and the staffing firm’s reputation can also be tarnished. In addition to protecting your entire operation with a Staffing Liability Insurance policy, heed the following advice for navigating a slow hiring process, and learn how you can play a role in protecting your brand’s image.

Do your part.

Not only does this build a deep network of professionals on which firms can quickly draw whenever a new opportunity arises, it also cuts down on a large portion of lower value recruitment tasks. These candidates will already be in the applicant database, they’ve already been interviewed, and there’s already a thorough understanding of their experience and career goals. An established relationship means the hard work of selling the benefits of the partnership is already done, and the first several steps of the typical hiring process are almost entirely eliminated, states Easy Backgrounds.

Focus on candidate experience.

You can eliminate frustration with your candidates during a slow hiring process by being transparent, providing frequent updates, and opening the lines of communication. The last thing you want is for a candidate to feel cheated out of an opportunity, or miss out on another opportunity while waiting around for your client to make a decision.

Enlighten clients on the effects of a slow hiring process.

Costs associated with new hires can escalate significantly without your clients even realizing it. From advertising, hiring recruiters, and the burden of other employees picking up the slack from the vacant position, your clients are spending more and more money as each day passes.

Lastly, as a staffing firm, you can remind your clients that an exponentially slower hiring process doesn’t equate to securing top talent. Remember, it’s a candidate-driven market, and chances are their top picks are receiving multiple offers.

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