Navigating Slow Hiring Processes: Doing Your Part

In our last post, we explored some of the pain points of being a staffer with a client whose hiring process is less than ideal. Slow-moving decision making often indicates that there’s a lot of red tape to cut through and a lot of people who need to provide input on the final hiring decision. However, what can you do as a staffing agency to keep the client and your candidate happy? The first step is to focus on doing your part and protecting your reputation. In addition to equipping your business with a Staffing Liability Insurance policy, consider the following.

As we previously discussed, keeping your candidate in the loop is the best you can do to ensure they don’t feel led on or ignored during a slow hiring process. Here is a closer look at each step you can implement to keep your candidates happy without crossing any lines with the employer.

  • Clear communication – Be forthright about the potential slow decision-making process up front. The more information the candidate has, the less likely they are to feel led astray. If you have worked with this client in the past, give the candidate a rough estimate for the time frame they can be looking at for the employer to source, interview, and hire someone.
  • Status updates – Keep the candidate informed as new developments take place. For example, if the employer chooses to move forward with him or her and is going to discuss next steps with another partner, let them know immediately.
  • Transparency – All you can do to protect your reputation is to do your part. If for any reason the employer chooses not to move forward with your suggested candidate, be transparent about why. It’s never easy to deliver harsh news, but it’s better for your candidates to understand why they didn’t get a position rather than be left to wonder.

Lastly, it’s important to protect internal morale. If a client company is moving slowly, it can be highly demotivating to recruiters and account managers. The client relationship may suffer, and any weakened recruitment effort will slow down the process even further. It goes without saying that this negativity will, in turn, trickle down to the candidate, impacting the firm’s reputation all the more, states Easy Backgrounds.


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