Driving Safely on Company Time

Driving safely on company time is essential for any business to institute delivery services to their accounts and services. There are always risks involved in letting your staff drive on company time. Your company may be legally liable for any damages, and the risk of unsafe driving is constant. If you’re interested in ensuring safety while driving on company time, there are a few extra safety precautions to take while going. You can encourage your staff to adopt these precautions by incentivizing safe driving.

How to Drive on Company Time

It should not take difficulty or stress to drive for your company. People can drive safely on company time, and deliver products to their clients. Learn about the other ways you can protect your company and minimize the risk associated with transportation.

Identify Potential Risk Factors

Identify some risk factors. The National Safety Council reported that approximately 1.6 million auto accidents occur yearly due to distracted driving. There is plenty of blame, but people using cell phones caused many incidents. Discouraging staff from using phones while driving may not be enough. Still, technological advancements such as telematics can help employers monitor phone use to cut down on their staff’s distractions.

Implement Clear Company Policies

The rules of the road are straightforward. There is a speed limit that drivers must adhere to. Any staff member allowed to drive on company time should first understand the expectations of the job. Then, they must also understand the safety requirements. They should understand that they cannot use their phones and must follow all traffic laws. If there are other company policies regarding driving, the business must fully explain these rules. 

Ensure Preparation for an Accident

Unfortunately, no matter how much you encourage safe driving, the risk of an accident can never be zero. You must prepare for a potential collision and the damages it may incur. These things will happen, and it is part of life. Therefore, investing in hired and non-owned insurance policies is the best way to do this. You can shield your company from the liability this incurs with coverage that addresses your unique exposures. Once you do this, you can assure yourself some peace of mind. 

Reward Staff Who Drive Safely

Perhaps the best way to incentivize safe driving is to reward staff members who have demonstrated a commitment to safety. You can reward those who are accident-free and traffic law-compliant. Rewards may range from verbal recognition to a bonus on their next check. In many cases, if financial compensation is on the table, it can motivate employees to achieve whatever goal they must complete. When it comes to safe driving, this can be a worthwhile investment.

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