Hiring Trends 2017: Augmented and Virtual Reality

In the beginning of each new year, it’s natural to look back on the previous year to analyze statistics and look to the future to forecast trends. In the human resources field, technology continues to revolutionize the way recruiters reach and win over top prospects. In 2017, according to an article in Forbes, expect to see more recruiters harnessing the power of augmented and virtual reality to engage candidates.

What are Augmented and Virtual Reality?

Essentially, augmented and virtual reality technologies combine elements of the real world and the computer generated world. Using headsets, glasses, and smart phones, augmented and virtual reality blur the line between technology and reality. Virtual reality creates a more immersive environment, whereas augmented reality enhances sounds, sights, and even smells and feelings. The most notable recent example of augment reality is Pokémon GO, which took the country by storm last year.

How Will These Tools be Used in Hiring?

One unique aspect of the 2017 workplace is that, for the first time, it will blend millennial and Generation Z workers. These groups, particularly the latter, tend to be tech-savvy and energized when employers introduce cutting-edge technologies into the workforce. In the increasingly competitive hiring arena, expect recruiters to think outside the box as they attempt to set themselves apart and appeal to candidates. Some companies are ahead of the pack and already using virtual reality in their recruiting efforts — to provide virtual office tours and to allow candidates to “feel” what it’s like to operate specialized equipment. Additionally, there are endless opportunities to incorporate augmented and virtual reality into traditionally dull employee training courses.

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