Hiring Trends 2017: Generational Collaboration

In January, it’s natural to look forward and wonder what will be trending for the year. A recent article in Forbes tackled that topic as it relates to human resources. One of the ten workplace trends noted in the article was a likely move toward generational collaboration in the year to come.

Millennials Make Room for Generation Z

Last year marked the first year that the demographic known as “Generation Z” entered the workforce. Most demographers consider the birth years ranging from mid-1990s to the early-2000s as falling into the Generation Z, or post-millennial demographic. These individuals will now be working side-by-side with millennials, who have generally graduated to managerial and supervisory roles.

Expect a Period of Transition as Two Worlds Collide

Every demographic group draws stereotypes. Millennials have been called the “Me Generation” by some who perceive the group as having a sense of entitlement. Millennials tend to consider Generation Z members as lazy. As the two groups become familiar with one another in a professional setting, there’s likely to be some tension early on. Employers may need to rethink some of their policies and procedures as more Generation Z employees with new philosophies and values enter the workforce. To create harmony in the office, all generations represented need to feel heard and valued.

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