How Does Talent Enablement Enhance the Candidate Journey?

It’s no secret that dynamics have changed, and it’s a jobseeker’s market. Job candidates are often juggling multiple offers and being courted enthusiastically by recruiters. This is great news for anybody seeking employment, but it poses a challenge for employers who want to attract the best talent. These companies will need to find a way to compete against other employers effectively — and that’s where talent enablement comes in. Talent enablement refers to the practice of streamlining the recruitment process and incentivizing candidate engagement. Check out the following four perks of talent enablement.

Increased Interest

Many sectors are struggling to attract candidates, but staffing agencies can set themselves apart from other employers by implementing talent enablement practices — including simplified application processes. This produces the benefit of increased interest amongst candidates as well as a bigger pool of candidates to choose from. This minimizes the chances of hiring subpar candidates who are inexperienced or unqualified for the position in question. Hiring such applicants can be a potential liability that may eventually lead to a staffing business insurance claim. Agencies can avoid this by making the recruitment process accessible to highly-qualified candidates.

Easier Applications

One of the primary principles of talent enablement is breaking down the barriers that stand between applicants and the hiring process. In previous years, employers often implemented lengthy and needlessly complex application processes in order to weed out uncommitted applicants. It’s clear that this approach is no longer effective, though, and candidates are demanding simple applications. This has led to the rise of mobile applications and app-based applications that make recruiting easier than ever.

Higher Retention

If you’re wondering how talent enablement can help you find the right candidate, consider the fact that it can attract more candidates while promoting retention, too. Along with an easier application process, talent enablement can help staffing agencies keep valuable talent on staff for longer by maintaining a high level of engagement amongst both new hires and long-time staff. By implementing candidate-friendly practices, you can incentivize employees to stay at their job and invest in their position. Higher retention translates to lower costs for staffing agencies, so this is a win-win outcome.

Happier Clients

Of course, the ultimate goal of talent enablement is to keep clients satisfied and ensure positions are filled. Staffing agencies must anticipate clients’ needs and have talent ready to go when a position opens. By shifting focus to a talent enablement model of recruiting, agencies can minimize unfilled positions, attract highly-qualified candidates, and ensure that retention rates stay high, too. It might be a job candidate’s market, but that doesn’t mean that staffing agencies can’t compete. Talent enablement offers benefits to candidates and staffing agencies while keeping clients happy.

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