How Staffing Agencies Can Build Trust

It’s a simple fact that staffing agencies thrive when they built rapport with clients. A professional relationship built on trust is one that is bound to grow and stand the tests of time. As this practice not only benefits your bottom line, it also helps to improve your reputation and ensure your clients are happy. While it’s almost impossible to keep everyone happy all the time and mistakes happen, these simple practices can give your staffing agency the competitive edge it needs. In addition to considering these trust-building tips and implementing them in your own firm, ensure your operation is secured with a custom-tailored and risk-specific Staffing Professional Liability Insurance policy.

Know your client’s industry.

You would never hire someone with absolutely no credentials to work in your office, so why would you do the same for your clients? Do your research to find and vet qualified candidates on behalf of your clients. Especially if your firm is industry-specific, you need to be the expert. Providing qualified employees to your clients will establish your expertise and prove that you are a dedicated and knowledgeable firm.


Keep your clients in the loop on where you stand with open jobs. The worst thing you can do is drop off the map, causing the client to have to take time out of their busy day follow up with you. They want to fill their positions probably faster than you do, so keeping clients informed not only builds trust and credibility, it shows you’re on top of your game, explains Applicant Stack.

Keep it professional.

When you’re recruiting applicants for your clients, you become the face of their company, as well. Be professional, be cordial, and be prepared. Keep in mind that your actions- and everything you don’t do- will reflect on your clients’ reputation and credibility. You have a lot riding on your shoulders, but with the right preparation and training, your staff can excel in professionalism.


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