Staffing Tips: Letting Them Down Easy

As a staffing agency, you are in constant contact with applicants for a variety of positions. While some might not make it passed the first round, others make it to the home stretch. However, not everyone can be placed for the job they want, which is why being professional and letting the candidate down easily is a skill that all staffers need to possess. It might be difficult to notify each candidate, but doing so improves your reputation and your credibility. Therefore, secure your firm with a Staffing Agency Insurance Program and consider the following tips.

Make it personal.

First, it’s important to remember that for the candidate, oftentimes the worst part isn’t being rejected, it’s not knowing where they stand in the hiring process. So, add a personal touch for letting them know they didn’t get the job. It doesn’t have to be a detailed email or phone call, but simply acknowledge the time and effort they put into the interview process at your staffing firm.

Be prompt.

If you know an applicant has been disqualified, then reach out to them in a timely manner to let them know they will not be moving forward in the process. Do not wait until the job requisition is closed to inform all applicants of their status in the process, which unnecessarily keeps candidates in limbo for a long period of time, explains Applicant Stack.

Provide feedback.

Granted this is nearly impossible to send to each candidate who interviews with you, this last one is especially important for candidates who went through multiple interviews. Give a more specific reason why they didn’t get the position. Remember, feedback is always welcomed to prevent the candidate from being lost as to why they weren’t chosen. For example, explain that you need an applicant with more experience in X,Y, and Z rather than just notify them they didn’t qualify for the position.

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