What Clients Look for In a Staffing Agency

Happy clients are repeat clients. Plus, it boosts your staffing firm’s reputation and revenue. So, what makes a client happy? Satisfying their hiring needs is the first step. Next, it’s important to establish and maintain positive working relationships to ensure you are providing accurate and quality service for your clients. In addition to equipping your business with a Staffing Liability Insurance program, heed the following advice for what clients look for in their ideal hiring agency.

Show clients your depth.

Go above and beyond the call of duty to place the right candidates at their offices. Anyone can use the internet to search for potential candidates, but take it one step further. Ask the client exactly what they’re looking for, what qualifications they must have, and what other skills would be a huge advantage. Become the expert in their field and vet qualified and experienced candidates.

Make it personal.

Share a success story with potential clients. Rather than just tell someone your process and how it works, show them. Clients want to see what you can do for them and want to know if their hard-earned money will be well-spent with your staffing agency. Demonstrate how you will reach potential candidates that the employer is not capable of reaching on their own, says Monster.

Be meticulous.

From day-to day operations to sitting and lifting requirements, ask meticulous questions about the job orders to be filled.

Give clients work-ready candidates.

Candidates who don’t require training are a huge advantage for employers, especially those who are looking to fill temporary positions. Supply your clients with work-ready candidates as often as possible.

Be a durable agency.

Longstanding employees at your staffing firm speak volumes to your clients. Work on increasing employee retention with job satisfaction.

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