Staffing Agency Challenges

Finding qualified employees for various industries poses obvious challenges for staffing agencies. However, as staffing professionals, you must devise innovative solutions to conquer even the most difficult client request. With outsourcing candidates and training sessions for new hires, staffers have a lot of hurdles to overcome. However, with the right Staffing Professional Liability Insurance policy and the following knowledge, your agency can get through these challenges.

Lengthy job requirements.

As the economy is slowly recovering, clients often want recruiters to find them a candidate who has a lengthy list of accomplishments and skills. However, these types of applicants are not easy to come by, depending on the industry. It’s still the staffer’s job to find and vet a candidate to shorten the skill gap required.

Explaining the job market to clients.

Some clients are well-versed with how the economy and job market pertains to their particular industry. Other clients may only learn through the disappointing experience of losing a top candidate to indecision or unrealistic expectations. “They start to understand what the market conditions are, and when they see that qualified candidates are snapped up so quickly, they realize they have to do something differently,” states John Reed, executive director of staffing firm Robert Half Technology, to Monster.

Staffing solutions that fill the gap from within.

Educating your clients on the job market is one thing, but convincing them to invest in their current employees is another. When their employees are capable of filling the gap themselves, staffing firms can sell them on the idea that they can invest in a training program to bring current employees up to speed to fill any knowledge and skill gaps. However, this is sometimes a hard sell for clients who don’t have a realistic grasp on what they need.

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