Nontraditional Hiring Methods for Staffers

As a staffer, you are constantly having to source and vet qualified candidates on behalf of your clients. Whether you choose to use traditional or nontraditional methods to find applicants is up to you, but which type is more successful? In this article, we will examine more modern techniques as a means to expand your reach and applicant pool. In addition, don’t forget to equip your operation with a Staffing Liability Insurance program.

Tapping into smartphones.

Smartphones have made it easy to connect with the world, any page can be accessed through them, and the young generation is glued to them. Organizers use this to interact with their candidates by providing info about their companies online, optimizing company’s portal and even using SMS for communications, states Wise Step.

Social media.

Facebook and Twitter are two of the most popular media channels in existence. They can be used to source candidates by posting on professional pages seeking help, and these channels can also be used to vet candidates who you see fit. If an applicant posts inappropriate updates or photos, this could be a big indicator that they are not right for your client’s businesses.

Recruitment events.

Sponsoring events and building brand value is a relatively useful concept. Companies sponsor events which are related to their ethic value, value which they wish to represent through their association. It helps them gain popularity and their message goes across a wide net of people, explains the article. Like-minded people gathering for the same purpose – to land a job – is a great way to source candidates.

So, what makes these methods successful? For one, digital candidate sourcing is instant and cost-effective. Rather than paying money for ads in papers or for billboards like in previous generations, online accessibility has reshaped the recruiting industry. Further, digital methods reduce the time it takes to post an ad, receive applicants, and sift through the resumes. With so many different software applications, this process can be streamlined and expedited.

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