Overcoming Common Staffing Hurdles

In a previous post, we discussed some of the major challenges that staffers face in today’s competitive job market. As the economy is steadily improving, more and more job applicants are juggling multiple offers at a time. With that said, staffers and recruiters are faced with even more challenges than in previous years. Therefore, we are going to explore the common hurdles you might face and how to overcome them with ease. Next, be sure to protect your operation with a Staffing Liability Insurance program.

Overcoming Challenge #1: Candidate has multiple offers.

The deciding factor for many applicants is the interview process. Staffers are well-versed in interviewing, but they should also take the time to ensure it’s a two-way conversation rather than an interrogation. In addition, if they are a sought-after candidate, have them meet with upper management, even if it’s only briefly, to show their value.

Overcoming Challenge #2: A saturated market.

Build a strong employer brand. You can’t cut through the noise with cold calling and InMails alone. Instead, build out your employer brand so you start building demand for top candidates, instead of always having to chase them, explains LinkedIn.

Overcoming Challenge #3: A lack of skilled laborers.

For some industries, it can be nearly impossible to find qualified candidates the old-school way. For that reason, it’s recommended that you use data driven research to find applicants. This will help you learn where to locate the talent you need.

Overcoming Challenge #4: Unrealistic expectations by hiring managers.

In a study by Bersin and Deloitte, they found that the single-biggest factor in a recruiter’s performance is their relationships with their hiring managers. The key to having a strong one is having a conversation with each hiring manager before the search starts and setting clear expectations for each other, states the article.

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