How to Manage Workplace Injury Risks with Safety Measures

How to Manage Workplace Injury Risks with Safety MeasuresAccidents at work are a common and costly occurrence. However, to avoid them, your business must implement safety measures. As a staffing industry, it’s important to minimize your risks by ensuring that you are covered by a Workers Compensation policy.

According to an article on Business Insider, common workplace injuries include overexertion in lifting or lowering, falls on same level, and back injuries. Whatever the type of injury might be, it’s important to always keep your workplace safe. Here are a few ways to minimize workplace injuries:

  1. Communicate health and safety policies to staff. This includes anything from induction packs to staff handbooks.
  1. Assess the risks. Carry out a health and safety risk assessment that considers all the potential hazards in your workplaces.
  1. Deal with hazards promptly. Reducing risks like slippery floors and trailing cables is really simple. Make sure your staff acts quickly and encourage them to report any needs for maintenance.
  1. Invite feedback. Ask the staff what they think will create a safer workplace and encourage them to flag any hazards that go unnoticed.
  1. Display safety information clearly. These include emergency exists and location of first-aid equipment.
  1. Maintain comfort and cleanliness. Work hard to provide an ergonomic layout to reduce chances of repetitive strain injuries.
  1. Provide first-aid. Appoint a person to take charge of the first-aid management and arrange training them for CPR and other emergencies.
  1. Meet fire safety standards. Carry out regular fire safety risk assessments and maintain a fire management plan for possible hazards.
  1. Learn from mistakes. If someone happens to get injuries, take the right steps to make sure that it does not happen again. It’s also required by the law to keep a record of accidents.
  1. Keep safety procedures updates. Review your policies at least once a year and keep up to date with legislation.

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