Preventing Candidate Refusal: Overall Advice

In this month’s series of posts, we have dived into the many ways that candidates unknowingly get themselves rejected from jobs, including unprofessionalism, outdated resumes, and a lack of proofreading skills. In this final post, we’re going to examine the overall job seeker downfalls that often fail to impress employers, or turn them off altogether. As a recruiter, it’s pertinent that you share this information with your clients in order to aid them in their job hunt, and protect your operation with a Staffing Liability Insurance policy.

Your clients might want to take all of the advice they learned from you and put it into action. However, overstepping their bounds, or crossing the line with potential employers will turn them off completely. Here are some overall attitudes and strategies to avoid.

Over-the-top self-promotion.

Your clients might feel the need to apply to a bunch of places at once, even apply to various positions within one company. However, this gives off the desperate vibe and employers might not think they’re taking their job search seriously. Advise your clients to tailor their resumes to one specific job and allow you to do the communication to get them in the door.

Extreme follow-up.

Remind your candidates that following up is a great way to keep them on the employer’s map, but doing too much too soon can also raise red flags for employers.

Inappropriate conduct in interviews.

According to Monster, the following statements are real quotes from interviewees in actual interviews, all of which are in poor taste.

  • “If you hire me, I’ll do anything – and I mean anything – to make this work!”
  • “It’s true that every journey starts with a cute pair of shoes – and I have that pair!”
  • “My whole life has been leading to this job. Let’s do it.”
  • “I’m a future star – why shouldn’t you have the advantage first?”

Instead, advise your clients to nail interviews by showing their work ethic rather than talking about it: bring in quantifiable examples of how they have made an impact in previous positions.

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