Preventing Candidate Refusal: Proofreading Tips

As we have been discussing in our previous posts, there are plenty of ways your candidates can receive an instant rejection from a potential employer. From unprofessional greetings and email addresses to outdated resumes, there are plenty of things that employers consider red flags. In the last installment to our article series on preventing candidate refusal, we’re going to cover some in-depth proofreading tips to ensure your job seekers are armed with a flawless resume. Share these with your candidates to ensure they are well prepared for their positions and protect your operation with a Staffing Liability Insurance policy.

Don’t rely on spell check.

It should go without saying that your candidates should thoroughly read their resumes and rely on a second pair of eyes rather than trusting spell check. Especially when it comes to context and contractions, spell check does not differentiate between the right and wrong use of a word.

Take a break.

Taking a break from staring at a resume can give their eyes a fresh perspective. Things that blur together after a while, even blatant mistakes, are caught more easily after a short break.

Make a hard copy.

Proofread a printed copy of your resume, cover letter, or other document rather than looking at it on a computer screen. You have likely been looking at the document on a computer screen for a long time, and a printed version will help you see the document with a fresh set of eyes. Printing it out will also help you see the document as the recruiter will see it, says The Balance.

Read it aloud.

Your candidates should read their resumes aloud to check for any inconsistencies and spelling errors. This will also force them to slow down and really examine their resume for not so obvious flaws.

Double check personal information.

Both your staffing agency and potential employers cannot contact a candidate if their personal information is out-of-date or spelled incorrectly. Ensure your applicants are thoroughly combing through their resumes to provide accurate information.

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