Unprofessionalism: Preventing Candidate Turn Downs

As the last component of this conversation about preventing immediate candidate turn downs, we are going to dive into unprofessionalism. Whether your clients have an outdated resume, answer their phones with an unprofessional greeting, have a childish email address, or do not carry themselves in a professional manner, these are all red flags when it comes to employee hiring. In addition to sharing this information with your candidates, consider reducing your Staffing Liability with the right Staffing Insurance package.

Using a cute email.

Less is more when it comes to an email address. Encourage your clients to make a new one if they’re still corresponding with you using an email suited for a high school student. Employers want professional and hardworking individuals, so ensure your clients use an email only with their first and last name, or a combination of both.

Unprofessional voicemail greeting.

Now is not the time to put a favorite song or inside joke on your voicemail. Stick to a professional prerecorded message or a default one from your phone carrier.

Failing to proofread a resume.

If you are applying for several different jobs, it is easy to miss your own mistakes. Even the most expert writers and grammarians get lost in the tangle of their own words. Put your pride aside and have someone you trust proofread your resume. If that’s not an option, put that cover letter or resume to the side before you send it. Editing it after a break of an hour or two will make sure your eyes are fresh and ready to catch mistakes, explains Monster.

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