Outdated Resume: Immediate Candidate Refusal

As a dedicated staffing agency, it’s your mission to place every person who walks through your door. While you can provide the resources and training necessary to land their dream job, you can only do so much before it’s out of your hands. With that in mind, there are a few factors that can cause any candidate- qualified or not- to be instantly rejected by an employer. Share these with your candidates to ensure they are well prepared for their positions and protect your operation with a Staffing Liability Insurance policy.

Outdated contact information.

In today’s competitive job market, the last thing your clients need is an outdated resume. Not only does this statement refer to a resume that does not include recent or relevant contact and job experience information, it also pertains to the formatting of the resume.

Including an updated resume with current job experience and contact information is a must. Without these, your clients won’t get very far with any prospective employer. After all, how is an employer (or anyone else) going to get a hold of a client with a disconnected phone number?

Outdated formatting.

Not all advice is sound advice, and the tradition of having a one-page resume is long gone. A two-page resume is standard, especially when applying for medical and academic field positions. Remind your clients to be thorough in their resumes rather than just glossing over their strong points.

Consider skipping the objective sentence to include a more functional component to the resume. Instead of an objective, use that space to add a customized link to your LinkedIn profile and explain any employment gaps that you may have. Doing this gives the recruiter more information and eliminates the risk of them passing on you because of a concerning gap in your employment history. Some recruiters will call to ask you about them, but some will just move on to the next, suggests Work It Daily. Applying to the position is the whole reason they reached out to the employer in the first place, so suggest they make better use of their precious two pages.

This same advice holds true for references. Remind your clients that there is no need to include “references available upon request” on their resume. Instead, give them advice on how to showcase their talents and accomplishments, as references go without saying.

Here are some other outdated components to never include in a modern resume:

  • Salary requirements
  • Irrelevant work experience
  • Hobbies
  • Social media handles
  • Personal pronouns

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