Preventing Car Accidents with Non-Owned Autos

Some accidents are unavoidable, but prevention is possible in certain cases. Preventing car accidents with non-owned autos can be done with a list of steps, but when everything else fails, making sure you have hired and non-owned auto insurance is top priority. Non-Owned autos are cars that your company does not own or rent, but still operate underneath your business, according to the Great American Insurance Group. The cars, driven by company employees, are directly related to company business.

Any employee is covered under this type of auto insurance, including temporary workers, volunteers, board members and even family members that are allowed to drive company cars. Take a look at this list of things your company can do to reduce their liabilities by preventing future car accidents with non-owned autos:

  • Keep Track of Motor Vehicle Records – A safe driver has a clean record. Make sure your workers are reliable by checking out their motor vehicle records during the hiring process. This gives you the opportunity to see how your potential employee is while driving.
  • Make Sure you Have a Driver’s License Copy  It’s especially important to make sure that you obtain a driver’s license record for each employee that you hire. You need to keep these things on record in order to ensure that you’re covered. Having these things on record is imperative for a company business. With a simple background check, you can make sure that your company is insuring a safe driver.
  • Make Sure you Company Car Stays a Company Car – Have your employee or potential employee sign forms stating that they will use the car for only company purposes, thus making sure that the car is only used for the right situations. It’s easier to insure a car that’s only used for business purposes.
  • Driver Safety Programs Go a Long Way – If you have a company car, you might have to participate in driver safety programs. It’s just an extra measure to make sure that you are safe. This makes sure that your employee reads what’s required of them while operating a company vehicle.
  • Doing a Road Test Could Prove Helpful – After making sure that you are covered, it’s imperative to make sure that your employee does a driving  test. This helps show the driving skills that your employee has, thus giving you a way to see how they will drive a company car in the future.
  • Always Inspect Your Vehicle – Making sure that your vehicle is safe is absolutely key. Make sure that your car is safe to drive by conducting regular vehicle safety tests on it to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your vehicle.

Making sure you have the right insurance can make or break a company. World Wide Specialty Programs has you covered when it comes down to liabilities.

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