What Qualities Should Recruiters Look for in Candidates?

What Qualities Should Recruiters Look for in CandidatesProperly placing a candidate is a vital role in promoting the company’s success.  As most recruiters know, Human Resource Planning requires strategy. While a traditional employer’s HR department manages these duties, recruiters are responsible for this task in staffing agencies, potentially increasing Recruiter Liability risks.  When top industry executives were asked to define what branded a potential employee with the “wow” factor, the following qualities were mentioned.

Branding- When a candidate brands themselves similar to the way in which the company does, they are able to showcase their personality and their strengths in a professional way. Carrie Corbin, associate director of Talent Attraction at AT&T stated “Job seekers with cohesive messages about strengths, goals, or overall work style show me they are thinking not about how to get hired or say the right thing, but about how to showcase a cohesive message and tell me something meaningful about themselves.”

Asking Questions & Reaching Out- Candidates who ask questions about the work environment, workplace culture, and company values demonstrate their knowledge of the field and interest in the company simultaneously.

Creativity- While it is not required, candidates who build websites, videos, or blogs in order to gain more company attention can reel in more offers. This effort demonstrates their creative skills in addition to their dedication to showcase themselves. “I’ve been impressed with several candidates recently who have built infographics, videos and even full-blown websites to convey their experience. I’m a sucker for creative people with an awesome design sense. But, this is not required to get the job,” said Steve Fogarty, senior manager of Employer Branding & Digital Recruiting at Adidas.

Homework- Those candidates who connected with professionals on LinkedIn, took advantage of company history information, and researched the culture impressed the marketing leader at PepsiCo. Rather than doing out-of-the-box things, these candidates did the appropriate things very proficiently, as reported by Business Insider.

Personality- Allowing personality to show during interviews, in addition to being articulate and knowledgeable, can increase the chances of job placement. Employers want to see how that candidate will fit into their existing workforce and what they can contribute.

As employers desire knowledgeable, personable, and unique employees, recruiters can benefit from identifying candidates with these characteristics. At World Wide Specialty Programs, we strive to provide the staffing industry with comprehensive coverage to safeguard your employees and operations. For more information on our products and services, contact our knowledgeable specialists today at (877) 256-0468.