Reskilling: What it is & Why It’s Important

While staffing firms across the globe are forced to reevaluate the way they do business due to recent global events, it is important to understand and uphold the commitment to clients and candidates. Now more than ever, utilizing existing resources in new and unique ways is crucial to continue to provide a positive candidate and client experience. However, with the quickly evolving industry, it can be difficult to know which strategic moves to make.

Reskilling candidates or existing staff to focus on meeting key demands is one initiative that can help maintain success. What is reskilling? It’s the process of helping workers turn outmoded skills into ones that can be better applied for current needs. The goal is to improve candidates or internal staff skill sets needed in a particular role.

Why is Reskilling Important?

How can we ensure business operations continue to run during a time of uncertainty? Your clients can use their existing workforce to fill crucial roles, even if those differ from their current job. This can help staffing businesses meet the needs and demands of the industry and their clients.

Talent shortage concerns are prevalent. With so many things changing every day, pinpointing exactly how to begin reskilling can be tricky. If your clients have identified key roles not filled with traditional methods, such as sourcing and recruiting talent through the usual channels, reskilling can be the shift they require.

They must begin by identifying the most crucial open roles or uncovering the most urgent needs. This can help them determine what specific skills are needed during this time.

Determining a plan of action on how to satisfy each open role will help guide the team on the next steps for each position. For instance, someone working in an office but lacking the leadership experience to move into a management position could attend public speaking and project management courses. Reskilling can help qualified candidates find a new career and internal employees grow their own knowledge base.

What is the Difference Between Upskilling and Reskilling?

When looking into reskilling, you’ll likely come across the term upskilling as well. Reskilling focuses on developing new skills in order for employees or individuals to do a different job. This sometimes requires employees to earn additional degrees or certifications in different fields, while upskilling focuses more on improving worker’s skills to be able to work within the same job. Unlike reskilling that requires to earn a completely new certification, upskilling calls for an enhancement in an employee’s value to their organization by improving their current skill set.

Upskilling focuses on one goal and improves oneself in the chosen expertise. On the other hand, reskilling broadens one’s ability and allows for more opportunity to make transitions between jobs, positions or department roles.

Reskilling the Workforce

Are your clients equipped to handle any challenges and obstacles ahead? Once the most in-demand roles have been filled, keeping up the reskilling efforts will ensure a team is able to continue effectively responding to client demands. It is important that your clients create a plan to reskill candidates on a continuous basis to build confidence in their clients.

Continuing education and training with internal staff can create a more positive employee experience, as it shows the business values its employees and wants to see them grow, especially during a particularly difficult time.

Staffing agencies that offer programs to train or reskill both their employees and their candidates can have a direct, positive impact on filling new roles and teaching the skills necessary for in-demand positions.

With hyper focus on shifting internal and external workers to fill the most crucial positions, businesses can maintain organizational goals and quotas while continuing to place individuals in meaningful and beneficial positions.

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