Social Screening: 3 Things Staffers Should Look For

It’s almost unheard of for someone to be “off the grid.” In other words, it’s expected for any candidate you come across to have some sort of online presence. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, there are plenty of platforms for your candidates to express themselves. However, what major factors impact your decision and your client’s decision to hire them? Everyone has affiliations and opinions, but there are certain features that play a role in the hiring process. In this article, we’ll explore the top three things staffers can look for on social media pages to determine if the candidate is the right fit. To protect your hiring practices and beyond, equip your agency with a Staffing EPLI policy.

Determining culture fit.

It’s difficult for a staffer to get a good grasp on the candidate’s personality and interests by merely asking a few questions. Apart from determining whether a candidate gave you answers you wanted to hear, you can determine how they’d fit into the client’s culture. Facebook and Instagram are great indicators of interests and personality.


This is the time to review information they have listed on social profiles and compare it to their resume. In addition, if they have a lot of posts, what do they post about? Are they articulate? Are they intelligent, polite, and restrained? If there are red flags for bad language or accusations, it could be a good indication that they would not represent your client well.

Red flags.

According to Workopolis, here are the major things that employers should look out for on social media pages, and the behaviors that are the most off-putting for hiring someone:

  • 83% of employers say they are turned off by references to using illegal drugs.
  • 71% are turned off by posts of a sexual nature.
  • 65% are turned off by use of profanity.
  • 61% are turned off by bad spelling or grammar.
  • 51% are turned off by references to guns, and
  • 47% are turned off by photos of consuming alcohol.


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