Staffing Agency: Top Distractions at the Office

Staffing Agency Top Distractions at the Office

Staffing Agency: Top Distractions at the Office

The eight or so hours we spend at the office a day are a medley of various tasks, projects, paperwork, management, and deadlines. Scattered among your daily duties are the minute, time draining tasks such as checking email or searching through papers. Procrastination, social media, and smartphones are another distraction. So exactly how much time do we waste?

Emails. Probably one of the biggest distractions, we can spend hours a day checking and responding to emails. In one survey, one third of workers spend between 1-2 hours every day checking their email. Twenty-two percent spend over two hours checking email. Part of the problem is typically people check emails as they pop up, distracting us from our task at hand. To utilize your time, schedule blocks of time in the beginning and end of the day for email. Other than urgent emails, save all emails until that scheduled time.

Social media. The big time crunch, workers spend a significant amount of the work day on Facebook, Twitter, or other forms of social media. Eleven percent reported spending 1-2 hours. Seventy-five percent spend up to two hours a day on social media.

Cellphones. A second culprit of time-wasting, and often used in conjunction with social media, our phones can be a big distraction in the workplace, spending up to two hours a day on the phone.

Other top time-wasting habits include surfing the internet, dealing with red tape, meetings, and non-business related conversations. Distractions are an unavoidable part of the workplace, and sometimes we can’t help them. Yet it can also detract significantly from our work.

Whichever way you are, identifying your particular time-wasting habits and finding ways around them can help you become a more productive worker overall. What time-wasting habits do you have? Do you have any tips or tricks to get around them?

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Source: Small Biz Trends