Staffing Trend: One in Ten Working From Home

Staffing Trend One in Ten Working From Home

Staffing Trend: One in Ten Working From Home

The Census Bureau reported that some 13 million people worked at least one day at home per week. This is compared with just 9.2 million in 1997. The stats represent about 9.4% of the workforce today, versus 7% in 1997.

In general, the trend concentrated in several industries. People working from home were more likely to be in management or business. Computer, engineering, and science jobs also saw some of the largest shifts towards working from home. In these fields, “home-based” work jumped 70%, from 252,000 workers in 2000 to 432,000 workers in 2010.

Part of the trend is due to advances in technology. It is much easier to work from home that it was previously. However, there is significant debate over the benefits and productivity of telecommuting. Some studies have indicated that workers are more efficient, take fewer breaks, and are more productive when they work from home. It also cuts down on commute time. Census researchers say over 8% of U.S. workers travel an hour or longer for work. Nearly 600,000 of those had mega-commutes- they traveled home-based work cuts down on time and gas money for commuters.

However, working from home also decreases the quality of inter-personal relationships in the workplace, which some says foster creativity and collaboration. Marissa Mayer’s recent decisions to require Yahoo’s employees to come back to work set off a huge debate on the merits of working from home.

From a recruiting perspective, the trend reveals a shift in the industry, and could affect the way recruiters look for applicants. Finding candidates in home-based positions, requires a certain skill set. Being able to work independently, with little guidance or supervision is key. Productivity and an ability to meet deadlines without the supervision of a manger or boss is also essential.

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