Staffing: Yahoo Calls Workers Back to the Office

Staffing Yahoo Calls Workers Back to the Office

Staffing: Yahoo Calls Workers Back to the Office

The cubicle is no longer the norm of the office. Innovative layouts, and technology advances now allow workers to work from pretty much anywhere. New dynamic workplaces have sprung up according to employee’s preferences; coffee shops, hotel rooms, rented- work spaces, and even from home. However, Yahoo is seeking to counter this movement.

New CEO Marissa Meyer has the monumental task of dragging the one time Internet pioneer off its downward spiral turn it back into an innovative, dynamic entity. One of her focuses has been Yahoo’s employees, working to increase productivity and collaboration. She’s given the employees perks, including free food and smartphones. The newest policy change? Bringing all remote employees back into the office.

This is more than just and internal HR policy change.  A memo, detailed in the New York Times, says face-to-face interaction among employees creates a more collaborative office culture. By making this move, Yahoo faces head on a looming question in today’s workplace; does workplace flexibility inhibit innovation?

Studies show that working at home boosts productivity. However, research has also shown that working by yourself can inhibit creativity or innovation. Some business owners cite concern that they lose control over workers at home, and have no idea what they are doing. There are definite trade-offs to having employees work remotely from home, coffee shops, or wherever there is an outlet and Wi-Fi. The largest trade-off of course is losing the interpersonal benefits that come with working face-to-face with coworkers.

Yahoo’s move has also unleashed criticism that it is a step back in terms of creating a modern work environment. Some say it is harsh on working parents who stay home with children, or those who work from home to care for aging parents.

The staffing industry works with a wide variety of employees and industries every day. What do you think about Marissa Meyer’s move? Is it a good initiative to increase productivity, or will is it a controlling step backward that doesn’t fit in with the modern mobility of the workplace? We’d love to hear from you.

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