Staffing Agency Trends: LinkedIn Tips for Recruiters

Staffing Agency Trends LinkedIn Tips for Recruiters

Staffing Agency Trends: LinkedIn Tips for Recruiters

LinkedIn is the newest style of networking to hit the recruiting world. Here are some tips on how to optimize your profile.

Get rid of stray business cards. Use the CardMunch app to keep up with your contacts electronically. Simply take a picture of the business card with the app and it is converted into a contact instantly. It will also show you their LinkedIn profile information so you can connect.

Update your summary. Create a compelling summary. It is the first thing many people see, yet many profiles lack information. It is a quick way to stand out when someone visits your profile. Apply this same mindset and put a creative title as your headline.

Use it. Don’t just update your profile and forget it. Check your profile regularly, respond to connections, and post material on a regular basis.

Use personalized connection requests. If you met candidates or possible clients, don’t just use the standard connection request. Use their name, address

Establish yourself as an expert. Don’t simply use LinkedIn as a networking tool. Post articles, write a blog, and publish content on your profile that is valuable to job candidates or companies looking to hire. By establishing yourself as an authority in the recruiting business, you will gain credibility and see better ROI on your LinkedIn efforts.

Endorsements & Recommendations. Ask for recommendations and endorsements; there is no price on the value of a good testimonial for your credibility. Make sure you give back to, by writing recommendations yourself.

Why should you use LinkedIn for your staffing agency? According to Talent HQ, college graduates are the fastest growing demographic on LinkedIn. Add those numbers to the 20 million new graduates and students already on LinkedIn, and you have some sizable numbers- and an indication of where recruiting is heading. Taking advantage to build your presence now on LinkedIn will only help you in the years to come.

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