Do Staffing Agencies Need Umbrella Liability Insurance?

Do Staffing Agencies Need Umbrella Liability InsuranceUmbrella Insurance is actually the most affordable way to get higher policy limits on several policies. Make sure to ask your insurance agency what type of policy you need limits on.

According to an article in Business Insurance Now, there are plenty of ways Staffing Agency Umbrella Liability Insurance can add an extra layer of protection.

So, what does umbrella policy actually cover? In an accident or property damage situation, victims can sue if you exceed liability limits on your insurance policies without paying them. With an umbrella policy, you are avoiding losing savings.

Now you might be asking, “Do I need an umbrella policy?” This is a great question. Investing in an umbrella policy is a great way to be able to protect more of your assets. If you’re in the unfortunate situation of a legal settlement that might drain you, the umbrella policy could cover your costs.

The most important benefit in purchasing Umbrella Insurance is that it tends to be the cost-effective situation. Not only do you spend less each month on premium payments, you can expand the coverage limits on several policies if needed. In addition, office equipment and valuable property can be expensive to replace so having umbrella insurance can provide that extra coverage to replace or repair anything.

As a staffing agency, you are constantly in contact with clients or potential candidates. This face-to-face interaction can cause more opportunities for lawsuits and umbrella insurance offers extra safety.

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