Staffing Industry: Holiday Office Party Etiquette

Staffing Industry: Holiday Office Party Etiquette

The holiday season also means the yearly office holiday party. For some it’s a wild affair, for others a more orderly occasion. But either way, it’s still your job and your reputation on the line. As a staffing industry professional, caution your candidates to follow these holiday etiquette tips to make sure you enjoy their holiday parties this year. Staffing Industry: Holiday Office Party Etiquette

Be prompt. Fashionably late doesn’t work for office parties. Make sure you arrive in a timely manner.

Dress to impress. Your co-workers see you in business attire every day. You want to impress, but going too casual or scantily clad is not the way to do it. Check with your coworkers on what the office policy is, and stick to it.

Be engaged. Don’t sit at one corner of the table and tweet from your smartphone all night. This is also an opportunity to network. Split up from your office buddy and sit next to someone you haven’t talked with much before. You may make a new friend and business connection.

Watch the booze. Cannot stress this one enough. Limit your alcohol consumption. While it may seem like a good idea at the time, tipsy coworkers never make a good impression, especially when arriving hung over to the office the next morning.

Social media watch. Not everything that happens at the office holiday party needs to by posted in time for the following morning water cooler chat. And check with your coworkers before posting any pictures. If you wouldn’t want to see it on the office break room fridge the next morning, it probably shouldn’t be seen on any social media sites.

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