Staffing Insurance: Industry Technology Trends for 2015

Staffing Insurance Industry Technology Trends for 2015

Staffing Insurance: Industry Technology Trends for 2015

The Staffing Industry is expected to continue to grow and prosper in 2015 as talent acquisition seems to be a top priority for many American Employers. According to the Association for Financial Professionals’ 2015 Business Outlook Survey, nearly half of all polled businesses reported that hey intend to expand their workforce over the course of the next two years, particularly during the second half of 2015. With staffing services in high demand, workloads increase and there is a growing need for efficiency within the staffing community. As such, staffers have become increasingly reliant on technology to help find, match and place job seekers.

Here are a few of the top staffing technology trends to look out for in 2015:

  • Social Media- Social media has played an important role in staffing and recruiting for a number of years. With the progression and adaptation of many of the large social media networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) the accessibility and connectedness of professionals online has made talent pools more accessible than ever. Recruiters now have the ability to indirectly reach out through social media to prospect without the prospect ever having to initiate their job search.
  • Talent Targeting- With new and improved digital marketing and analysis tools, staffing professionals can now target specific groups or individuals based on their skillset, interests and “fit” for relevant jobs.
  • Applying On-the-Go- Most American job seekers and clients have become accustom to having accessibility to nearly everything on their mobile devices. As one Entrepreneur article suggests, in order for staffing operations to stay current and compete for future clients and talent mobile accessibility is crucial.
  • Adaptive Algorithms- An adaptive algorithm changes its behavior based on information available at the time it is run. Which affords staffing professionals the ability to match jobs with candidates based on profile demographics, big data, and obtain real-time behavioral feedback.

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