Temps: An Outdated and Unfair Term?

Temps An Outdated and Unfair Term?The long standing and effective temporary employee has long been a part of the American workforce. Whether they are hired for laborious tasks or holiday help, the varieties are endless. While these workers were typically used for strictly non-core roles in the past, these non-employees are now more engaged within the companies they represent. With that said, this leads to the recent change of heart in technical terminology. A more accurate term such as contractor, professional, or specialist is now preferred.  While this isn’t necessarily an issue of legality, we still have to be mindful of the way employees and non-employees are approached. With these rising concerns starting to fester, a Staffing Employment Practices Liability policy should always be in place.

Although these types of workers haven’t historically been employed to drive creativity and productivity, we are now seeing a role shift. According to staffingindustry.com, temporary, or contingent workers, are vetted for help on multiple, continuous projects and are now employed for longer stints of time. What’s more, these contingent workers are essential to boosting creativity within the team and assisting in implementing strategy for the company owners.

So, what seems to be the problem? Well, this relationship is becoming seemingly one sided. These contingent workers are now contributing way more to the business than simply serving as an extra set of hands, yet they are not treated as such. Since non-employees do not receive perks or access to company commodities such as the gym or benefits, the contingent workers are being turned off. Therefore, the hiring company is doing themselves a disservice by not implementing a welcoming environment to keep these workers content. If the contingent worker decides to leave, the company could lose out on major productivity and even morale.

Staffing is a unique and dynamic industry and we have an intimate understanding of the potential risks involved. At World Wide Specialty Programs, we specialize in assisting staffing companies with their Professional Staffing Liability packages to ensure security. To learn more about our offerings, please contact our specialists today at (877) 256-0468.