Top 5 Qualities Every Recruiter Should Possess

Top 5 Qualities Every Recruiter Should PossessRecruiters play an avid part in representing a company, finding appropriate talent, and staffing it accordingly. Although historically these types of employees have been known to be hunters on behalf of the company, there seems to be a lack of quality recruiter in today’s market.  Some would argue that in order to be successful in this role, a fair number of key attributes are required for recruiters to possess. However, in order to ensure your business is insured against possible wrongdoing in the hiring process, your business should have a Staffing Employment Practices Liability solution. Now, let’s take a closer look at the top 5 characteristics one should have:

  1. Sales Experience- a recruiter is essentially selling the clients on why their company would be a great fit and why their company is the employer of choice. Being persuasive and having selling technique is crucial to a recruiter’s success.
  2. Resourcefulness- Keeping up on social media trends and resources that allow for more exposure such as LinkedIn, Boolean searches, and sourcing programs is essential. According to, 89% of recruiters have confirmed hiring someone by using LinkedIn. Working knowledge of these platforms has proven to make a huge impact on the way talent is recruited.
  3. Likability- The ability to relate to a potential client while also being knowledgeable are great characteristics to possess. Being open, warm, and friendly set the tone for what kind of employee recruiters want to hire. Being a part of a company is essentially joining a family, so hiring the right person who would be a long term fit is important.
  4. Cultivating Relationships- It’s one thing to type in keywords on a job posting site and call someone; it’s another to formulate a relationship with that candidate and engage them further. Discovering hobbies, what interests them, what direction they see their career taking, etc. makes for a more communicative relationship. Creating a dialogue with someone and making a lasting impression will only promote a recruiter’s success.
  5. Persistence- Last but not least, a successful recruiter is someone who is persistent and follows through consistently with candidates.

Recruiters are a valuable and essential part of a staffing agency’s team. World Wide Specialty Programs specializes in insuring staffing companies like yours. Our specialists can assist you find the best employment practices insurance policy, as well as a Staffing Professional Liability policy to suit your specific requirements. To learn more about our offerings, contact us today at (877) 256-0468.