A Look at How the Staffing Industry is Evolving

A Look at How the Staffing Industry is EvolvingAs the workforce and technology grow side by side, it is inevitable that the way our employment structure stands is going to change. However unfortunate, many computers are now replacing manual function jobs and many more industries are predicted to go under in the coming years due to technological advancements. All too familiar with this eminent threat is the staffing industry. However, staffing agencies themselves have something to say about this mindset and see plenty of room for growth, including how they fit into a more technology based workforce. In addition to keeping you updated on staffing insurance policies, World Wide also provides up and coming Staffing Industry News.

Jerry Brenholz, CEO of ATR International, has been involved in the staffing agency since 1988. He analyzes Intel.com’s  article called “The Future of Knowledge Work: An Outlook on the Changing Nature of the Work Environment” and its five thought-provoking ideas on the future of the staffing industry. Let’s take a closer look at the main two ideas and how they relate to the current staffing market:

  1. The Definition of an Employee is Transforming & Requires Flexibility- As more flexibility is desired among both young and mature workers, contract-or freelance- work is becoming increasingly popular. The traditional idea of staying at one job for 40 hours a week until retirement is less than ideal these days. Employees now want to dabble in multiple benefits at once including holding different roles, entrepreneurial interests, and leisure activities.
  2. Dynamic & Agile Team Structures are Becoming the Norm- Gone are the days of typical employment structure. As we move toward a more contract based workforce, the work models obviously need to be updated. More specialized workers are contracted to drive innovation and diversity, thus creating a larger team structure.

Staffing agencies have to adapt to these changes and use more varied resource pools including searching bigger geographical areas and attracting skill-specific candidates. Scouring for part-time employees as to accommodate their other interests is another alteration staffing agencies must make to stay in line with the trends and remain relevant. As studies have shown, the Millennial generation is more attracted to varying work modes.

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