The Ideal Candidate for a Temp Position

When trying to fill a temporary position, it’s important to think about the questions that you’re going to be asking candidates, and what you’re looking for in their answers. The perfect candidate for a temporary position may not be the same as an ideal candidate for a permanent role in a company.

A successful employee is going to make for a productive workplace. Here are some recommendations for questions to ask to find the right fit for a temporary position, courtesy of The Balance.

Discussing the Salary Beforehand

With temporary jobs, there is not a lot of room to negotiate salary, especially after the offer is made. Ensure that your candidates discuss all of their salary questions beforehand.

Not Asking for a Permanent Job

The next thing a good candidate does is not asking for a permanent job. Even if they would rather have a full-time position at the start, it’s not a good sign if they clearly indicate during the interview that they’re looking for something more long-term.

You’re welcome to tell candidates that there’s the chance that the company will still keep them on if they do a good job (however, be mindful not to promise them anything), and advise them to apply for any long-term positions that open up. However, if it seems that they’re gunning for a long-term job, they likely will not be the right fit.

Focusing on the Role

As with any position, a good temporary employee will fill a specific role for a position. Be sure to check thta the candidates have thoroughly read the job description ahead of time, and inquire about the skills and experiences that they have that will ultimately help them to excel in this role.

Because this employee likely will not be around in the long-term, focus more on how they can accomplish the required tasks, rather than their interest in the company or the company’s culture.

Highlighting Key Temp Job Skills

It’s important to also look for the specific qualities that make a good temp worker. For example keep an eye out for applicants with flexibility and availability, as well as an ability to work and get along with a variety of colleagues. Quick learners are also great people to have in temporary positions.

Flexibility is one of the key qualities here. An employee who would be willing to work nights or weekends, or be able to start working quickly, will be a great answer the the company’s current needs.

As you work through the staffing process for a temporary employee, make sure that you have a staffing insurance program in place to keep your agency covered against claims not only from potential new hires but also from the organization retaining your temporary staffing services. The hiring process can be tricky, and you will want to have protection.

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