The Key to Succession Planning in Staffing

Unexpected things can happen, and a company won’t keep the same employees forever. People leave because of things like illness, personal problems or other issues, and it’s important to prepare for when unfortunate things like that happen. It doesn’t have to be difficult or a spectacle—planning can be made relatively simple, with the right succession plan.

Staffing plans should include ideal positions and potential new positions, but they should also take into account what will happen when employees inevitably leave the company. Also considered succession management and transition management, succession planning is the best way to make sure that a company maintains high-quality operations and employees. By having successful succession planning, the transition from when an employee leaves to when a new one starts can be smooth and simple. 

Plan for Now, Not Later

By utilizing robust practices in personnel management and not sudden crisis management, you can plan for before the employee takes their leave. Begin those practices as soon as possible.

Policies, Procedures and Practices Come First

It’s not about replacing a person that’s no longer working there, it’s about refilling a vacancy. All core positions need to be defined accurately, with the best possible person to fill the position. Don’t go to the extremes and look for someone that’s just like the last, or someone that’s completely different. Think about what the company needs and what the position needs. Also, don’t be afraid to reassess the position’s job description and requirements, especially if there were issues with the previous employee’s performance.

It’s Not Just Up to The Employee; The Management is Responsible

Succession planning works when done right. It can be done in this order:

  1. Management and employees have a working partnership that accurately defines the employee’s role at the staffing agency.
  2. The employee ensures that management has the information needed to move on to the next candidate.

Do Everything According to Policy

If everything is done in accordance to up-to-date personnel policies, then there’s nothing to worry about. This is the best way to ensure that there’s fair, equitable and legally compliant employment practices.

How You Manage Succession is Proportionate to The New Employee

If you start off the interview with a high quality employee, then you’ll wind up with high quality in the end. It all depends on how your hiring process is. The more accurate and thoughtful the management does the succession, the more likely the staffing agency will effectively hire someone that will stay for a long time.

Succession planning has to do with using current practices, rather than adopting new ones. Those key practices include a strategic plan, up-to-date policies and job descriptions, as well as employee evaluations and an annual calendar.

As you continue to develop your staffing plan, make sure that you have the staffing insurance solutions to keep your agency and your clients protected against the industry’s exposures.

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