Things That Gen Z Look For When Considering a New Job

Many applicants will have questions when considering a new job, and your client must understand them. Likewise, they will interview many qualified candidates.

Looking for a new employee for your insurance agency? You should take the staffing direct hire route. These third-party recruiters do the heavy lifting of finding a qualified candidate. However, your offer must meet their expectations to get applicants in the door. For Gen Z, that means deviations from the traditional “office job.”

What Applicants Look for When Considering a Job

Younger applicants have much to think about when considering a new job. To entice the newest generation of job seekers to join your team, you should adapt your hiring approach to align with the following values.

Staffing Direct Hire Efforts With Honest Information

Executive search & recruitment companies know the competition is fierce in the job market, and some agencies may use underhanded tactics to get job seekers’ attention. For example, a recruiter may emphasize the top end of the wage scale while knowing new employees start at the bottom. When Gen Zers learn differently at interviews, they may feel the recruiter wasted their time.

Honestly, can you blame them? If your clients bought errors and omissions insurance for small businesses, then discovered it didn’t cover everything you implied it did, they would be justifiably upset. Candidates lured into an interview with bait-and-switch tactics feel the same.

Emphasis on Work-Life Balance

Gen Z generally isn’t interested in hustle culture, as many members of this generation watched their parents burn out trying to meet unrealistic corporate demands. Instead, young workers highly value work-life balance. As a result, they’re more likely to join companies offering the following:

  • Paid vacation days
  • Flexible schedules
  • Remote work options

They also expect an office culture that respects boundaries. For example, if employees take PTO, management should refrain from contacting them during that time. Similarly, Gen Z tends to ignore work correspondence outside business hours unless they’re on-call. If recruits find your agency crosses the boundaries between work and personal time, they will likely seek employment elsewhere.

Compensation That’s Fair and Transparent

Zoomers are fine searching for another job if they feel their paycheck needs to be adequate compensation for their efforts. Your agency should advertise a living wage at the bare minimum and offer a clear path to promotion. Investing in your workforce is the number one way to nurture employee loyalty, so fair wages are a win for everyone.

Staffing Direct Hire Efforts That Communicate Frequently

Once you sell retained search professional liability insurance (E&O) to a client, you don’t disappear off the face of the Earth. Instead, you keep in contact, usually with friendly emails. Gen Zers expect the same level of engagement from recruiters.

Surveys indicate most Zoomers expect biweekly emails from interested staffing companies. Note that phone calls are a social taboo for the younger generations, so it’s crucial to stick to emails. Many Gen Zers even prefer chatbots over live representatives, so keep that in mind when looking at staffing direct hire agencies and their tactics.

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