Want to Attract More Millennials to Your Agency? Read This

The millennial talent pool makes up a large component of today’s workforce. In fact, by 2020, it’s estimated that over 50% of the workforce will fall within the millennial generation, says Bond. To create a diverse and relevant team, it’s in your best interest to attract and retain millennials to your staffing agency. In this series of posts, we’ll discuss how you can achieve this, all while protecting your firm with a comprehensive Staffing Agency Liability policy.


The idea of schedule flexibility has been a common desire for the millennial workforce. While there is always work to be done, consider allowing your staff to reasonably work around family schedules and other obligations. Remember, this demographic loves to be in control of their work and their schedule, and a little bit of flexibility goes a long way in accommodating them.


The millennial workforce likes to make the world a better place. 81% have donated time and/or money toward social change and a big motivational factor in finding opportunities is whether or not their role is perceived as contributing to a noble cause. Maybe the job orders you recruit for are hard to position as contributing to “the greater good” of society. But your staffing agency can provide opportunities for temporary workers to be charitable and feel part of an organization dedicated to social responsibility. Look for ways to help your local community and invite your millennial workforce to be part those efforts.

Mobile processes.

It should come as no surprise to learn that millennials, on average, check their phones 43 times a day. For this reason, staffing agencies need to improve their software to allow mobile processes if they haven’t already. The more your employees can complete on mobile devices, and the more access they have via their phones, the more they can accomplish.


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