Attracting More Millennials: Schedule Flexibility

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In our last article, we explored some of the ways that staffing firms can attract millennials to their agencies. As one of the largest working populations, setting your firm up to attract and retain these employees has more than one benefit. In this article, we’ll explore how you can implement schedule flexibility as it’s one of the biggest motivators for millennials to accept any position. Aside from reading on, protect your firm with a comprehensive Staffing Agency Liability policy.

Do some research.

Find out what type of flexibility your employees want. If you’re not sure how to go about it, ask others in your industry for some advice on how their employees accomplish tasks out of office.

Then build policies and procedures to specify what you’re going to allow, who can take advantage of the opportunities, and what responsibilities both workers and managers will have under these arrangements. With clear plans and expectations, you can build your flex work program on a solid foundation, recommends Flex Jobs.

Open lines of communication.

Just because employees aren’t in the office doesn’t mean you can’t stay in touch with them. In fact, they can still participate in meetings via Skype or remain in contact through messaging services throughout the day.

Be firm.

Productivity, accountability and meeting deadlines are still expected when employees work remotely, so ensure that you are firm on those rules. Identify a way to measure the success of the schedule flexibility and ratify the policy as necessary.

Set an example.

Managers who take advantage of flex work schedules should lead by example. Try shifting your hours a couple of times and see how it affects your productivity. Work from home on a Friday and check your ability to communicate with your team. Or leave early on a Tuesday to attend a child’s sporting event, and find out what it’s like to catch up by working a couple of hours in the evening.

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