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The idea of doing good within your community is not just a recent trend, it’s a major factor in attracting and retaining millennials to your staffing agency. Not only do they want flexible work schedules, they want to work for a company who does more than make money. Millennials want to work somewhere they are participating in social change and are giving back in some way. In this article, we’ll explore how to take part in the benefits of corporate philanthropy, whether it’s a local or international effort. Most importantly, protect your firm with a comprehensive Staffing Agency Liability policy.

Choose the right grantees.

Philanthropy, in essence, involves paying money to an organization that does the heavy lifting for you. While donations are taken by another company to do the work, this is still a way for companies to contribute to social efforts in their geographical area. Especially as millennials want to break away from the standard corporate culture, choosing a worthy grantee of your designated funds each month can boost interest in your business. If you’re looking for a new one, or want to add one to the roster, ask for feedback from your employees. Asking who or what cause they want to contribute to shows your dedication to them.

Attract more donors.

Two is better than one, and your staffing firm can promote their donor status to attract other qualified donors.

Corporations bring uniquely valuable assets to this task. First, their reputations often command respect, becoming imprimaturs of credibility for grantees. Second, they are often able to influence a vast network of entities in their cluster, including customers, suppliers, and other partners. This gives them far greater reach than individual donors or even most nonprofits and foundations. Third, they often have access to communication channels and expertise that can be used to disseminate information widely, swiftly, and persuasively to other donors, says HBR.

Whether you’re a small firm or a corporate agency, there’s always ways to give back and draw more interest from the millennial workforce.


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