What Happens if a Workplace Injury Results in Permanent Disability?

No one wants to get hurt at work. Unfortunately, it happens all the time. At least 51 million working Americans are without disability insurance other than what’s offered by Social Security, according to experts.

What happens if a workplace injury results in permanent disability? Through World Wide’s workers’ compensation insurance for the staffing industry, your employees and clients are able to have coverage in the event of a permanent disability caused by a workplace accident.

Not having this type of coverage can be detrimental for a business: without it, employees get the short end of the stick with injuries at work. In fact, only 48 percent of Americans can say that they have some sort of savings to fall back on when injured.

Providing businesses with adequate coverage needed to protect their employees is not only crucial for everyone involved, but it’s the best way for employers to save money in a workplace injury claim.

Staffing Firms Have Special Exposures to Consider

Since staffing firms need staffing industry that covers them in order to serve their many clients, getting comprehensive workers comp means that a business can make sure that medical coverage and income replacement is possible. Things that can be covered through WWSPI’s policy include:

  • Lost wages due to being unable to work
  • Medical expenses incurred
  • Permanent disability
  • Rehabilitation
  • Death benefits

At least 5.6 percent of working Americans will experience a short-term disability due to illness, injury or pregnancy. While it doesn’t seem like a lot, that actually equates to an estimated over 8.7 million people getting hurt in 2019. Not everyone is in a staffing firm but the numbers are too big to ignore. No matter what the job position, getting your firm the staffing insurance it needs is essential for the growth of the entire company.

How Does Workers’ Comp Handles a Permanent Disability

No one wants to think about being permanently or even partially impaired from some sort of accident. Several forms of compensation might be available depending on the impairment severity.

Even if an employee does eventually return to the workforce, they may never be the same. There are also those employees that will never be able to work again period, which are covered underneath a permanent total disability (PTD) claim.

While an independent doctor might be called in to assess an employee’s claims of getting hurt on the job, according to NOLO, it’s not the only way states determine whether workplace injury results in permanent disability.

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