What to Know Before Hiring a Temporary Employee

When it comes down to a company’s new hires, there’s certain protocol that needs to be done in order to ensure their success in the workplace. Whether they are temporary, contract or permanent, it’s imperative to instill good workplace practices. And with the summer upon us, there’s going to be a lot of employees looking for seasonal or temporary work.

We already know that temporary employees can bring benefits to the workplace. But what else is there to know before hiring a temporary employee? Check out the legalities of it here.

Labor Laws

Like all of your other employees, temporary and seasonal employees are covered by all forms of labor laws. This includes harassment, discrimination, and workplace health and safety guidelines. Make sure your employee is aware of the labor laws prior to hiring them. While employer requirements vary by state, one will typically pay workers’ compensation, Social Security and Medicare, according to Quickbooks. Paid leave and health insurance are generally not required. All federal tax withholding laws apply to temporary and seasonal workers as well.

Contract vs. Temporary Employment

Whether the employee hired is seasonal or long-term, it’s key that they are treated like every other employee there. It’s also significant to distinguish early on whether this is contract or temporary work, according to Nesco Resource. Contract workers are different from temporary workers; they essentially can offer skill sets to people through a freelance contract. There are things that aren’t taken out of a contractor’s paycheck that’s taken out for a temporary employee, and temporary workers have different benefits than a contract worker will. Temporary employees are handled through temporary staffing agencies, meaning the staffing agency takes care of everything. Make sure your new employee is aware of their status as a worker and what they are offered while working there, according to Business Know How. Temp workers must know what they lack due to their position.

Other Legal Concerns

Another benefit to getting a temporary employee is the lack of paperwork you’ll be filling out. The staffing agency generally takes care of tasks like this. Other tasks that they deal with include payroll, benefits and taxes. On top of this, having temporary staffing insurance will make the entire situation run smoothly.

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