The Benefits of Temporary Staffing

Temporary staffing agencies are an important part of the American economy, offering three million temporary and contract jobs during an average work week in the states alone, according to the American Staffing Association. The candidates found can offer some major advantages at a place of employment. The reasons range from cost-effectiveness to finding a permanent employee. Check out some of the advantages of temporary staffing below:

Saving Money

There are many advantages to temporary staffing, with one of them being that a company will save money long-term. Although benefits like workers’ compensation and overtime are given to temporary employees, there are other things that companies can save on such medical or dental, vacation and sick pay, retirement and income security benefits that are reserved for full-time and part-time workers, according to Small Business Chronicle. A company doesn’t have to offer these things because the employee is only here for a short period of time.  Temporary employees will help save money by filling in spaces if a company employee goes on medical or maternity leave as well. There’s a gap that’s filled without serious repercussions.

Companies can also save on training costs and general screening costs, because the staffing agency does the screening and the candidates are already trained.

High Flexibility

Temporary staffing also offers flexibility to everyone, meaning that it’s easy to adapt to any work situation. About one in five individuals cite flexibility as a core reason for why they turned to a staffing agency or contract work to employ them. Temporary workers can offer a little bit of bolster when your company needs it, especially with short-term projects. It also means that your company doesn’t have to commit to an employee, so there’s no serious time spent trying to tie up loose ends if it doesn’t work out.

Transitions to Permanent Employees

There’s one big thing that temporary employees are looking for when they first get a position, and that is a permanent job. 49 percent of staffing employees say that temporary work is a good way to get a permanent position. The ASA also found that one third, or 35 percent, of employees were offered a permanent job once they were done working on an assignment for a client. That means that temporary staffing often leads to the finding of a quality employee for a company.

More Employable Candidates

While not every temporary staffing gig leads to a permanent position, there’s more that one can gain from their time with a staffing agency. Nine out of 10 say that going through a staffing agency overall made them more employable. With staffing being an excellent way to draw in talent to a company, it’s clear to see what benefits there are.

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