Customer Service: Elements of a Successful Staffing Firm- Part 1

Customer Service Elements of a Successful Staffing Firm- Part 1

What steps do you take to make your company the best it can be? To be a successful staffing firm, you must understand the elements that make for an outstanding business. As a staffing agency, you will want to make sure you understand your client’s needs and also that you have staffing liability to cover your business in all cases.

As explained in an article by Staffing Talk, exceptional customer service is a major aspect of successful businesses. There is a difference between merely responding to the customer’s needs and being customer-centric. Ashleigh Bilodeaux, Director of Marketing at Huddle, said, “Customer-centricity means that all the disciplines in the company act deliberately with the customer in mind.”

Some top qualities that customer centric staffing firms possess are responsiveness, accessibility and empathy.

Above all else, a customer wants to know that they are being heard. A company that values responsiveness will make sure that customers feel connected. We live in a world of 24/7 connectivity where nearly immediate responses are becoming the norm.

A customer also wants to know that a business is accessible. Before a company can be responsive to customer needs, they must be accessible. A thoughtful staffing firm will have measures in place to ensure the customer can contact them if needed. This will often include social media.

Finally, a company must be empathetic. A customer can easily pick up on a company that doesn’t truly care about his or her concerns. Empathy is very important, especially as a staffing firm where your business is people’s careers and futures.

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