4 Sound Pieces of Staffing Advice for 2018

Part of being a successful staffing agency is absorbing new information and staying relevant. As we finish out 2017 and move to the new year, you might be thinking of new ways for your agency to achieve more business and to keep existing clients returning time and time again. In this article, we’ll explore some critical pieces of advice to achieve your New Year’s business goals. Most importantly, protect your business moving forward with a Staffing General Liability Insurance policy.

Expand your candidate horizons.

You might have a clear idea of who your client is looking to hire. However, you don’t want to send them clones of the same type of candidate over and over. Instead, cover your bases by sending someone at the top and bottom of their budget range, of varying levels of experience, and of and different backgrounds. This will allow your client to get an idea of who they can hire and at what price.

Be honest.

It’s not the most ideal conversation to have with your client, but it’s okay to tell them you don’t have the right candidate for them. This is part of filling roles and vetting new people, and sometimes things don’t align perfectly. Rather than sending them a subpar candidate and tarnish your stellar reputation, be transparent about your lack of potential until you find someone who is better qualified.

Disclose everything.

Some companies are not ideal to work for. If there are significant challenges to overcome, organizational issues, hot-headed temperaments, or constant workplace arguments, that’s something the candidate should know before accepting a position with your client. Otherwise, they’ll likely end up leaving and you’ll be back at square one searching for another replacement.

Understand your client.

Of course you interview your clients thoroughly and see what they’re looking for, but take it a step further and dive deeper into their culture and expectations.

Jennifer Lenkowsky, managing partner of The Corporate Ladder, recommends spending time at the office and asking as many questions as possible.

“Do people at the office work late? Are they expected to have nothing else going on in their personal lives?” In order to earn the trust of a company, “you need to go the extra mile to really get a feel for the culture and get to know the client so well that you’ll instinctively know which candidates they are going to love,” she explains to LinkedIn.


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