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In this series of blogs,  we’ve covered the pros and cons of social media screening, including how to determine culture fit and how to verify qualifications. While there are some risks to social screening, we’re going to uncover the common red flags that indicate a candidate might not be the best choice for the job. In this final blog, we’ll wrap up social screening by going over some red flags on candidate’s profiles. To protect your hiring practices and beyond, equip your agency with a Staffing EPLI policy.

Red Flag #1: Inappropriate photos.

It goes without saying, but candidates with scandalous images, pictures of the candidate under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and inappropriate activities should be bypassed. Remember, this is not a great reflection of themselves and the company they will be working for.

Red Flag #2: Negative comments about former employer/employees.

Social media sites, because of their broad reach, typically provide platforms for both advocacy and negative press. But, if a job candidate used one of these platforms to vent about a former employee (as do 33 percent of potential candidates, according to SHRM), that should make you think twice. Why? Because it shows that the candidate is not a team player, and there’s nothing to stop the same person from becoming disenchanted with your company and generating negative press, says TLNT Talent Management.

Red Flag #3: Offensive comments.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but that doesn’t mean racist or sexist comments should be advertised on social media platforms. For the sake of the employer you’re placing for, these candidates should not be moved on in the hiring process.

Red Flag #4: Lying.

Qualifications are a big fact to check, especially for recruiters. Since most people put their past education and work experience on their profiles, now is the time to determine if everything matches up, as we explained in our last post. If they’re lying, it’s time to move on with a better candidate.

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