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In our series of posts this month, we have gone over some great ways to add value to your staffing firm. By adding a personal touch, or going the extra mile for your employees and your clients, you can prove your worth as a dedicated professional partner. From offering free food to welcome your clients to promoting continuing education programs, there are plenty of ways for your staffing firm to achieve this. As we explore how to implement this idea, secure your operation with an iron-clad Staffing General Liability Insurance policy, crafted to respond to your unique exposures.

Prioritize education.

Aside from just requiring that your employees hold a college degree, you can promote their willingness to learn the ropes of the industry by offering continuing education courses. Instill this notion from the start, and ingrain it into the company culture. This way, employees know that your interest in their professional careers and their development is genuine. In addition, more informed employees make for more loyal ones, and it raises the bar for your firm.


Whether you choose to offer this perk for full or part-time employees is subjective, but one thing is for certain: tuition reimbursement is the whole purpose for this program.

If you want your employees to further their education, then you should offer reimbursement for their tuition. Whether you have them submit an invoice after the semester and you write them a check, or you give them access to a special educational account, reimbursement should be offered for at least a large portion of educational costs. This will encourage employees to study for higher degrees, get industry certifications, or take single courses to improve skills in their current field of employment, explains LC Staffing.

If you’re worried your employees will take their education and use it at another company, you can include a clause that states that he or she needs to remain with the company for a certain amount of time after their courses are completed. Be sure to note that if they disregard this policy (which should be placed in the employee handbook), they will be liable for paying back the tuition costs.

In-house education.

If your company chooses to offer in-house courses, think about the method which you want to implement. Online courses can be developed and employees can do them at will on their own time, or live sessions can be held at the office. Depending on your resources, consider your options.


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