Beyond Basics: Offering Free Food

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As a staffing firm, standing out and exceeding expectations is the name of the game. While obvious factors such as quality customer service and consistency are key, it’s time to look beyond the basics to establish more value within your agency. In our last post, we covered some of the best ways your staffing firm can boost its value. This time, we’re going to take a closer look at how something as simple as free food can boost your reputation and in turn, your bottom line. Next, make sure to secure your operation with an iron-clad Staffing General Liability Insurance policy.

It goes without saying that free food is always a welcomed gesture. No matter who the person is, or what type of client they are, a complimentary meal can show you care about them and likely make them feel appreciated.

Establishing rapport and building a positive relationship with your clients is the first step for any staffing agency’s success. But, why are relationships needed? Bottom line, people do business with people. And in the middle market, where differentiation is most difficult, the selection of vendors is often driven by the customer’s attitude towards the people who work for your company, explains Haley Marketing.

However, you don’t want the food offering to be seen as a bribe. Therefore, maintaining your image as positive, being consistent and delivering quality candidates to your candidate should always be a priority in addition to offering food and refreshments.

If all the major boxes are checked with your staffing agency, then offering free food and drinks can just be the icing on the cake and give your firm the extra boost it needs.

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