Applicant Tracking: Crucial Features for Implementing This Staffing Software

Converting and investing in more efficient and technology-driven tools is critical. This also applies to staffing agencies when it comes to establishing a more effective applicant management process. An array of activities including posting and advertising of job vacancies, candidate screening, and the actual hiring process can be time consuming. Managing the end-to-end process can take a while compared to utilizing a software that can complete such tasks faster. With most companies going digital, streamlining the applicant tracking management process is one way the company can retain competitiveness in the market.

Key Features of an Applicant Tracking System

The solution to this dilemma is an Applicant Tracking System, or ATS, to effectively manage the entire recruitment process. It is for this reason that staffing agencies must know and understand what features to look for in an Applicant Tracking System:

Robust Search Functionality

Extensive searching and careful filtering features allow staffing firms to easily do searches based on standard fields or keywords. This helps increase the firm’s efficiency and also saves time.

Job Site Integration

In line with robust search functionality, a staffing firm’s ATS should also be able to integrate major job posting sites such as,, and This increases visibility to potential candidates that are using these job boards.

Importation and Exportation Options

A helpful ATS should have additional features for importing and exporting information by bulk. This provides more accuracy and frees up a significant amount of time.

Social Media Platform Integration

Aside from having the functionality of being able to merge with major job sites, a good ATS is one that would allow easy social media platform integration. This way, a staffing firm’s job postings can be more visible to potential candidates.

Customizable Recruitment Workflow

This specific feature can improve the efficiency and quality of the recruitment process. It permits recruiters to set up a workflow for each job and at the same time maintain an overview of its status.

Automated Screening

Artificial Intelligence incorporated within the ATS can work wonders. This feature carefully screens applicants and identifies candidates that match the minimum job requirement based on the job posting.

Advanced Security System

With the enormous amount of critical information that the whole system holds, an efficient ATS should have an advanced security system. This is to safeguard any sensitive and confidential information within the system.

User and Mobile-friendly

A system that can easily be understood and navigated is another important factor. Moreover, an ATS needs to also be accessible via mobile devices since most applicants and job seekers use these to search and apply for jobs.

Automated Emails

One of the most time-consuming tasks within the recruitment process is candidate engagement. Communicating with an enormous number of applicants is impossible to achieve manually. However, using an ATS, recruiters can create and send personalized emails to all candidates in one go. This will produce a better experience for the candidates without exhausting a significant amount of time. Furthermore, using a system that includes email templates to schedule a video or an in-person interview and allow follow-ups will keep candidates continuously engaged until the conclusion of the recruitment process.

Efficient Onboarding Tools

The function of an ATS continues on even after the candidate is hired. In order to achieve an excellent recruitment process experience, an ATS should also be equipped with an onboarding tool for new hires. This will allow new hires to access and accomplish necessary forms and other documents.


Finally, in order to assess and measure all recruitment-related performances, an exceptional ATS must be able to produce informative data and analytics. This should include employee scorecards, forecast on future job opportunities, and an overall assessment of the recruitment program just to name a few.

Improving the current recruitment process of a staffing firm through the use of a premium Applicant Tracking System is crucial in order to attract and secure the ideal talent. This is an investment which can lead to immense success for the company. Be that as it may, analyzing the best options carefully before deciding on a specific Applicant Tracking System is important. A premium-grade ATS should include the listed key features above and more.

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