Employee Performance Reviews: Setting Goals

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In this series of posts, we’ve discussed some of the most beneficial ways for employers to conduct employee performance reviews. These are a necessary annual or biannual meeting that should take place to let the employee know where he or she stands and what they need to improve on. We’ve already explored how to use your time wisely, now we’ll review how to set achievable goals to benefit both parties. Most importantly, don’t forget to protect your firm with a comprehensive Staffing EPLI policy.

Making goals attainable.

One of the most widely accepted processes for setting and measuring goals is the SMART strategy.

  • Specific: Establish how much, when and where the goal will be achieved, and define everything clearly.
  • Measurable: Tracking progress is key. Milestones and documentation can help identify how far they’ve come.
  • Attainable: Give them a goal that is attainable by standard protocols.
  • Relevant: Think about giving the employee a goal that will impact their work and also the overall company strategy.
  • Time-Bound: Give reasonable time accommodations for the employee to achieve their set goals.

Goal alignment.

According to Success Factors, goal alignment is critical for business success. It ensures that each person within your organization can see the direction for the business and know how their job fits in with the “Big Picture.” Next, get all team members on board to work toward one common goal. This will allow your company and its managers to:

  • Focus employees’ efforts on your company’s most important goals,
  • Understand more clearly all responsibilities associated with specific goals, and
  • Strengthen accountability by assigning measurable, articulated goals visible company-wide.

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