Preparing for an Employee Performance Review

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In this series of posts, we’ve covered the basics of conducting employee performance reviews, including how to make them successful and how to make the most of your time during the meeting. In this final installment, we’ll explore how to prepare yourself so that it’s an efficient and positive meeting. While it’s never an employer’s intention to generate problems, your Staffing EPLI policy can protect you from allegations and claims of wrongdoing in this process.

Update as necessary.

  • According to MIT Human Resources, review the current job/position description—does it accurately reflect the current key responsibilities of the position? If not, make a plan to update as needed. Learn more about job/position descriptions.
  • Review any documents from the last performance review.
  • Bring notes or documents accumulated during the year such as feedback from customers or coworkers and documents showing the employee’s achievements.

Compare progress.

Since the last review (if applicable), has the employee made any significant achievements? What are some of the things they he or she can improve on? Is more training required? Jot down notes on these points before the meeting begins.

Align goals.

Personal growth within the company should be aligned with the long-term goals of the business. For example, if you plan on expanding and the employee wants more responsibility, have they been primed for leadership? Ask yourself how management can help nurture their career growth, as it’s a win-win situation.

Lastly, be sure to reserve a quiet room for the meeting so that you can speak uninterrupted.

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