The Do’s and Don’ts of Rejecting Applicants

Staffing agencies are dedicated to placing their candidates, but this isn’t a perfect world, and sometimes jobs don’t pan out. Even with busy days and overflowing schedules, the way your agency rejects candidates will speak volumes for your reputation and professionalism. With that in mind, we’re going to lay the foundation for the right ways to reject a candidate, followed by the wrong ways. Before reading on, secure your firm with a Staffing Agency Insurance Program and consider the following tips.

Timing the rejection.

It’s important to note that candidates spend a lot of time reworking their resume and cover letters to suit the jobs you are placing them for. Even with your guidance, a lot of additional time is spent trying to perfect their materials to better position themselves for the job. Therefore, giving each applicant who applies for a job, or reaches out to you, a response is critical.

This can be easily done with an automated response if they don’t make it through to an interview. An email that thanks them for their time will suffice, while also guaranteeing you’ll be in touch when a new position becomes available.

Being tactful.

If the applicant has gone through a series of interviews with one of your clients yet they choose someone else, this is the time to make it a bit more personal with a customized email explaining their decision. While it might be difficult news for the candidate, this will speak to your reputation, commitment to excellence, and ensuring that you leave on a positive note. Remind them that there will be more positions to come.

Calling a candidate.

Either the hiring manager or the HR staff should call the applicants you are rejecting just as you call the applicant to whom you want to make the job offer—if not sooner. You want to leave each applicant with a positive view of your organization which simple, timely communication will achieve. This positive impression may affect your candidate’s application to your organization in the future, explains The Balance.

In our next article, we’ll cover the don’ts of rejecting an applicant.


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